Travel Chaos? Learn On The Go With TinyTap Offline

From struggling with your kid to sit still to get a seat belt on securely to backseat bickering, it’s no secret that traveling with kids is no easy feat.
Here at TinyTap, we want to help make your lives as parents a little less stressful.
While we can’t physically be there to lend a helping hand, we want to tell you about a TinyTap feature that will help you have one less thing to worry about:

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What is Offline Download and How Will It Help Me?

Simply put, the Offline Download feature is just that, the ability to download games on your mobile device or tablet ahead of time so that you may access them if you find yourself without Internet connection.


Who Can Use This Feature?

Every member of the TinyTap community may use the Offline Download, and it’s totally free!


So How Do I Actually Use This Feature?

To download a game, follow these three simple steps:

1. Select which game you’d like to pre-download from our library of over 100,000 educational games. Press play to start the game: play_icon (1)
At any point during the game, tap the game menu: hamburger_icon_20x20

Tap the download button: download_icon

You should then see this pop-up notification:


3. To access
your downloaded game, select the Download Tab button located on the blue bar at the bottom of the screen:

where to find

Your game will be waiting for you there. Each time you download a game, it will appear in this tab. There is no limit to how many games you can save, so download away!


What Else?

  • Child Safe & Distraction-Free → As parents, you want to keep your kids safe and keep them curious. With pre-downloaded games, you can purposely turn off WiFi in order to make sure your child does not get distracted with other apps or websites, which can also be potentially inappropriate.
  • Save Data → Are you worried about your limited data when your kids tap away while playing TinyTap on the go?
    With the Offline Download feature, you’ll be able to save all that data without having to sacrifice your child’s playing and learning time.
    Simply download the games your child will play before you leave your WiFi zone, and you’ll have access to data-draining free entertainment at their fingertips.
  • Educational Fun To Go Your little learner can play pre-downloaded games in the car, on an airplane, on a train, on a hot air balloon, or any other form of transportation you may find yourself on!
  • Guilt-Free Gaming Now you won’t have to worry about your kids’ screen-time while traveling, as TinyTap boasts the largest library of educational games in the world, handmade by teachers worldwide.

Encourage Their Learning On The Go, With TinyTap’s Offline Download Feature!

Learn Anytime, Anywhere.

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