TinyTap is hiring a User Acquisition Manager!

    User Acquisition/ Content Partnerships   TinyTap is a DIY educational game creation app for kids. We are looking for an outgoing, creative person to lead our User Acquisition project.   We’re a small team of 8 very creative individuals on a big mission – to build the world’s largest educational marketplace for kids. We are looking for people who are creative, unique, passionate, smart, sharp, clever, funny, nice, happy, eccentric, positive, driven, and …well, you get the point! … Read More

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TinyTap Wins $1M in Verizon Prize for Education

Verizon Powerful Answers Award

This blog post is dedicated to the TinyTap community for their unconditional support and teaching us more than we could ever hope to learn, and to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, for believing that great ideas can change the world and that we could become one of them.     The only thing better than coming up with an innovative idea, is being given the opportunity to make it a reality.   On January 8th, 2014, TinyTap was announced the first … Read More

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