Introducing TinyTap Courses


Combine lessons to teach comprehensively and promote mastery of knowledge                                     Create comprehensive learning units for students by leveraging TinyTap lessons and games. With TinyTap Courses, teachers can design lesson plans to ensure student comprehension and mastery of knowledge.   Ensure Subject Mastery with Score Thresholds Student understanding can be fully measured because they are only able to proceed to the next game … Read More

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TinyTap Artist – Draw your own games


Put our newly launched built-in drawing tool, Artist, in your child’s hands and it won’t be long before they’re producing masterpieces that amaze you. So watch out Van Gogh, here come the iPad artists.   Artist puts a conveniently designed palette, complete with everything needed to unleash creativity, in your child’s hands and leaves the rest up to their imagination. With Artist, it’s now possible to create images that can be incorporated as part of a TinyTap game. Artist is … Read More

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