TinyTap is hiring a User Acquisition Manager!

    User Acquisition/ Content Partnerships   TinyTap is a DIY educational game creation app for kids. We are looking for an outgoing, creative person to lead our User Acquisition project.   We’re a small team of 8 very creative individuals on a big mission – to build the world’s largest educational marketplace for kids. We are looking for people who are creative, unique, passionate, smart, sharp, clever, funny, nice, happy, eccentric, positive, driven, and …well, you get the point! … Read More

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4 Award-Winning Authors Your Kids Will Love

TinyTap Authors

Children’s books have an unparalleled ability to engage and enlighten their readers with interesting plots, important lessons, and imaginative imagery. Whether one wants to be transported back in time to an Inca civilization or follow a friendly family of dolphins living in the Pacific, children’s books can transport a reader’s imagination anywhere. TinyTap collaborates with exceptional authors from all over the world and helps digitize their classic stories  and bring them to life through interactive games and activities. Meet some … Read More

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