TinyTap is hiring a Part-Time Executive Assistant!

TinyTap, an award winning DIY platform for creating interactive lessons and educational games, is looking for a part-time Executive Assistant. This is your chance to help revolutionize education with one of the most exciting startups in the global EdTech arena! The position is for approximately 50 hours per month (with the possibility of expansion) and can be done from remote.

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Key responsibilities will include:

  • Accounting – salaries and issuing invoices
  • Operations – bills, supermarket
  • Paying Providers
  • Investor Relations (good English required)
  • Paperwork – updating agreements
  • Research

If you think you’re the right candidate for this position, we’d love to hear from you!

Send your CV to mara@tinytap.it with the subject line “Administrative Assistant


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TinyTap is hiring a User Acquisition Manager!

TinyTap is looking for a User Acquisition Manager with at least 2 years experience in consumer-facing products and proven success across a variety of paid user acquisition channels.


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TinyTap, an award winning DIY platform for creating interactive lessons and educational games, is looking for talented User Acquisition Manager. This is your chance to help scale one of the most exciting startups in the global Educational Technology arena! The User Acquisition Manager will grow TinyTap’s international community of parents, students, and teachers by creating and optimizing digital marketing campaigns and sales funnels.

Key responsibilities

  • Develop, manage and optimize paid marketing campaigns – including copy
  • Manage monthly budgets across various acquisition channels
  • Analyze and report campaign data
  • Setup and track sales funnels
  • Source and test new user acquisition channels / partners
  • Work closely with graphic designers to create paid advertisements
  • Execute A/B and multivariate tests to maximize ROI


  • At least 2 years experience with customer-facing products
  • Proven successes with paid user acquisition channels
  • Experience with managing a marketing budget of at least $5,000/month (but less than $100,000/month)
  • Native level English
  • Demonstrated analytical skills
  • Excellent writing and communication skills – including a knack for copy
  • Creativity and agility – willingness to experiment fast and change paths as needed
  • Attention to detail

If you think you’re the right candidate for this position, we’d love to hear from you!

Send your CV to mara@tinytap.it with the subject line “User Acquisition Manager



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How to Use TinyTap for a Smooth Back to School Transition

Create a smooth transition, manage class tasks and connect with parents with TinyTap



The welcome banners are up, the class tablets are charged, and soon your new students will walk into class for the first time. The start of a new school year is full of excitement and opportunity, and a great time to get students geared up for the milestones ahead.


Here’s how to use TinyTap to create a smooth transition for the start of the school year:


Introduce students to their new faculty and school:

Ease back to school anxiety by introducing students to teachers and familiarizing them with their classrooms and school buildings. See how trusted teacher, Evelyn Chaleki, created a welcome guide for students entering Kindergarten at her school.



Here are a great tips to follow for creating a welcome guide:

  • Include photographs of the class’ teachers, librarian, music teacher, and principal with a personalized greeting from each facility member the student will interact with.
  • Add a sound board activity with the school layout, and explain what students will do in the library, lunch room, gym and more.




Create a class directory activity:

Ice breaker activities are great to create class relationships and encourage students to feel comfortable with their new teachers and classmates. Create an activity that introduces each child while enforcing a concept the class is learning.

  • Learn the alphabet while getting to know classmates: Organize an alphabet game using student’s names.
  • Practice presentation and research skills: Students can introduce themselves in a video and share a brief biography of a historical figure they admire, or facts on their favorite animal.


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Connect with Parents:

Invite parents to join your class group to share class assignments. Parents will receive a notification when activities are assigned, so they know what their children are learning in school, and can work with them at home to meet goals.


Parents will also receive a weekly report showing their child’s progress. Encourage parents to continue working with their learners at home by sending home the Parent Handout. Students can scan into their accounts with their personal QR codes, and complete assignments at home. 

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Assign Activities


Manage class assignments with TinyTap Insights. Create a class group to easily share tasks and measure student progress. Once a lesson is assigned, you can track completion and see scores.


Discover how to create class groups and manage class tasks:



Review Last Year’s Material

Make your back to school review engaging with a TinyTap activity that students can play and review at their own pace.


You can create a menu using a sound board activity, allowing students to jump to videos, diagrams, and pictures that cover material students will build upon from last year.


Assess understanding

TinyTap activities are fully measurable. Get a look at students’ understanding of key subject areas through personalized games.


You can ask students questions based on the subject or learning level. Need inspiration for creating your own review and assessment games? Checkout of the TinyTap Handbook to learn how to use TinyTap features to bring your lessons to life.



Get back to school ready today by creating your class learning group, inviting parents, and creating activities for your class.


Get started by creating a class group today!

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Introducing Houdini Images

Reveal your lesson’s full potential with TinyTap’s Houdini Images

Teach complex topics and master new concepts with responsive images. TinyTap’s newest tool offers creators a way to add images and gifs that appear, disappear, move, or sound upon tap.


Many topics and concepts are hard for learners to understand through static images. Creators can now add interactivity that enables learners to delve deeper by discovering layers, flipping through flashcards for more information, and watching a process unravel on their screen.


Add a touch of magic to your lessons with Houdini:


Teach complex concepts in stages: Reveal the inner workings of layered objects. Instead of showing several diagrams of the human body, or layers of a planet,  delve deeper by tapping by peeling through the layers for details.



Create digital flashcards: Master new material with flashcards that hide and reveal correct answers. Students can create their own test-prep materials and quiz themselves.



Reveal multi stage processes: Provide step-by-step details for processes and cycles. For example, instead of showing a life cycle, students can progress through the steps by tapping to unveil information.



Reinforce early math skills: Build confidence with activities that empower students to learn to count by tapping away images and uncovering the solution underneath.



You can add 9 interactivity options with Houdini:


Appear on Tap:



Play on Tap:



Disappear on Tap:

Watch the full tutorial here: 



How will you use the magic of Houdini? Play the Houdini Tutorial game to learn how you can reveal the learning potential of your lessons:


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