Create Personalized Video Activities on TinyTap

Introducing an Easy Way to Add Your Own Videos to TinyTap



Adding videos to your activities is an excellent way to explain difficult concepts, and engage students.


You can now add your own videos directly from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or record a video on TinyTap with the camera on your iPad.


To add a visual explanation, catchy introduction, or fun song, you can browse the enormous trove of content on YouTube and add videos to your slides. And now, you can add a level of personalization to your activities by adding your own videos.


Here’s how videos can enhance your lessons:


  • Interactive Explanations: Add a more thorough explanation of a concept with a video explanation that introduces the topic and clarifies a topic in a visual way. 

You can assess understanding by introducing subjects in videos you create, and then measure student understanding by adding slides that follow, which ask students to identify the correct information through interactive activities.


  • Personalization: Include a personal introduction for activities, or get students involved by using a video you have taken of class events.


  • Teach remotely: You can now record video directly to your TinyTap activity. Educators can add clips of class exercises so parents can continue practising with their children at home. For example, for speech therapy lessons a teacher can record a clip practising with her student and add the video to a game. This enables the child’s parent to see how they are working with their teacher and learn together at home.  


  • Student Assessment: Students can add video explanations to their classwork and presentations, showing teachers how they arrived to conclusions.


You can add your own clips that are up to 1 minute and 30 seconds in length, and trim your clips to only show the components you want. Add videos by either uploading them from your device, or recording them directly into your TinyTap activity.


Videos that you film or are uploaded directly from your device can be played without a Wi-Fi connection, meaning students can learn and play your TinyTap activities anywhere.


Add Video From the Photo Album on Your Device:



Film Your Own Video on TinyTap:


To learn more about adding videos to your TinyTap activities, watch our video tutorial.


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TinyTap Assignments

Manage Student Learning and Encourage Parent Participation


Mail-HW (2)









Easily assign activities to students and measure results on TinyTap. From independent learning, to class tests, assigning activities on TinyTap makes it easier to organize class activities and measure student understanding.



Manage Class Homework


Engage students and quickly grade lessons by assigning homework on TinyTap. And, encourage parent participation by adding them to your group and connected them to their child’s account. You will also save time on grading, as each answer will be shown in your group’s insights, showing you where students are flourishing and where they have room for improvement.


Supplemental Activities


Ensure students progress in key areas by providing additional lessons when needed. For example, if a student can improve his understanding of the 9 times multiplication table, you can assign multiplication activities to him so he can master the subject.


Measure Student Understanding With Interactive Tests


Who says multiple choice scantrons are the most convenient way to grade tests? Access student understanding with interactive tests on TinyTap.


How to Get Started with Assignments on TinyTap


Step 1: Create a Group


First, click on the Insights button on the top righthand corner of the TinyTap website.


To create your group select the class name, grade and school.


Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.57.57 (1)Step 2: Add student sub-accounts


A student’s username and password are automatically generated when you input their name. However, you can update both manually if you would like to use words or numbers that are easier for students to remember.


Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 16.07.59Get parents involved with your students’ education. Easily share students’ assignments and progress with parents by inviting them to join TinyTap.


Student’s can easily sign on using their personal QR Code.  Teachers can post student QR codes on a wall in the classroom so students can scan their code and logon to their own account without any help from adults.



qr-fake2Step 3: Assign Activities

Ensure students complete their lessons by assigning activities. You can assign activities in TinyTap Insights, or as you find material when exploring the TinyTap Market.


Assign from TinyTap Insights


To assign activities from TinyTap Insights click on the Assignments tab within your group. Here you can search for specific titles, or explore lessons by keyword or subject.


Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 16.12.09

Once you have selected an activity confirm the deadline and add any additional assignments. When you click the assign button students and parents will receive an email notification, and see the status of assigned activities on the top row when they open TinyTap.

Assign from Activity Page


It’s easy to assign activity you discover in the TinyTap Market. If you find an activity you would like to share with your class, simply click on the Assign button under the game, select the  group or student you would like to assign the activity to and confirm the deadline


Image uploaded from iOS (11)

Create your class group and get started with TinyTap Insights.

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TinyTap Pro Games: Sell and Share the Activities You Create

TinyTap Pro games are activities created by experienced teachers that are sold on the TinyTap market.


50% of revenue from TinyTap Pro subscriptions is shared with teachers who create on TinyTap. And, when you sell your activity on TinyTap, you receive a portion of revenues from TinyTap Pro sales. In February 2017, our team completed a comprehensive review of games on TinyTap and updated high quality games by teachers to TinyTap Pro. This provides more teachers with the ability to earn revenue from their games. Learn more about selling your activities on TinyTap here.


Of course, the choice to sell an activity or share it for free will always be yours. 


How to Sell your TinyTap Games


To submit your activity for sale, click on the Sell Game button on the game’s preview page.



Now that your game is available for sale, you can still share TinyTap Pro games you create with students and other teachers for free. To share activities, create a class group on TinyTap Insights, and add student sub-accounts or invite fellow teachers. Next, assign the activity to your group members, who will be able to play for free.


By assigning your activities you are able to share your Pro activities with people you choose for free, while still earning revenue by selling your game in the TinyTap Market.


How to Share Your Premium Games for Free


Assign activities to students and teachers, so they are able to access and play your Pro games for free.



Click here to learn more about TinyTap Insights.


How to Update Your TinyTap Pro Activities to Free Games


If you would not like to sell your game, you can update your Pro activities by clicking the Offer for Free button on the game’s preview screen.



The TinyTap team curates activities created by the TinyTap community to ensure premium content is featured and easy for the community to discover. Many of the most popular activities by top creators have been updated to TinyTap Pro.


TinyTap’s mission is to show the value of teacher created content. The number of TinyTap Pro subscribers is growing rapidly, proving that parents, educators, and students see the value of lessons created by teachers.


We want to work with teachers to share their lessons with students around the world, so teachers can earn thousands of dollars while proving that teacher created content is what parents and teachers appreciate and need.


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Student Sign In is Easier than Ever with QR Login

Get your students quickly signed into their own accounts and playing lessons with QR Login. It is not easy for younger students to remember usernames and passwords. And, logging into accounts for an entire class should be fast and easy for teachers.


To make it easy for students to sign into their own accounts, TinyTap generates a unique QR code for each student’s account.  Now they can focus their time on completing assignments, mastering tests and creating their own games.


To sign in students simply need to click the “sign in with QR code” button and scan their codes with the camera on their device when they open TinyTap on an iPad, iPhone or iPod.


Engage students with QR Login! You can share activities with students remotely by assigning games on TinyTap. Print out the Parent Handout and send students home with an easy way to stay connected and learn.


Here’s how you can use TinyTap to manage class tasks:

  • Assign homework: Assign class activities and tests, and track progress with fully measurable games.
  • Pre-assign a learning plan: Assign 2-3 activities for students to complete each week by setting weekly tasks at the end of the school year.





You can use QR login to empower students to connect in class and at home:


In class, make it easy for students to login independently by cutting out individual cards for each student to keep at their desks, or posting the class QR code printout on a wall for easy access.


At home, parents can hang the QR code on the fridge, or in their child’s room so kids can complete lessons at home.


How to Print Out QR Codes:


From TinyTap Insights, select the group you would like to print QR codes for. Click on the members Tab, and you will have the option to print QR codes for sub-accounts.


Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 2.36.18 PM

Print QR codes to use in class


To print Login Cards to use in class, click the “QR Login Cards” button above your class link. This will generate cards for your entire class.


qr-fake2Print QR codes to send home

To print a QR code for children to use at home,  click the “Parent Handout” button beside the student’s name.


QR_code (1)


Click here to print QR codes for your students.


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