The TinyTap Team



Yogev Shelly, CEO

Yogev is a passionate designer and developer with vast experience in application design. He received his B.Des. from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. He founded, an Interactive Studio working with startups such as JVP, PLYMedia, and Eye-Click. He later joined as the 4th member and worked as a Client Developer and UX Director.



Oren Elbaz, COO / Lead Creative Director

Oren is a gifted designer, UX director and father. He received his B.Des. from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. His professional experience comes from working with some of Israel’s leading startups, such as Finotec, SmithMicro, ICQ, and MyHeritage.



Uri Lazar, CTO

He has more than 12 years of experience in web client and server technologies, working for a number of startup companies such as HooQs, Logia Mobile, and YouNow. Uri received his B.Sc. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.




gilGil Hadas, iOS Team Leader

Gil has over 20 years of experience in software development. He was a founder and one of the seed employees at a number of startup companies, such as Tipit and WebImage (acquired by AutoDesk), and also worked at larger companies, including Waves and Compugen. Gil studied software engineering at Tel Aviv College of Management, earned his B.A. in Behavioral Sciences at Ben Gurion University, and also studied music at the Rimon College of Music.


Ran Stone, Android Team Leader

Ran has over 16 years experience in the hi-tech industry, specifically in research, incubation, rapid prototyping, and development. Before joining TinyTap, Ran was a researcher at IBM Research Labs, where he gained a solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle, plus hands-on expertise in developing Augmented Reality, IOT, Smart Home, and Education apps. Ran received his M.A. in Educational Technology from Bar-Ilan University and his B.Sc. in Communication System Engineering from Ben Gurion University.



Mara Berman, Marketing and Community Manager

Mara works with professional educators, introducing them to TinyTap’s potential as a teaching and assessment tool and growing the TinyTap community. Prior to joining TinyTap, Mara worked at Appleseeds Academy, a nonprofit organization that employs technology as a catalyst for social change, and managed client relations at the start-up company Zooz. She earned her Masters in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University and her B.A. from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.



AdiAdi Louis, Head of Content

Adi works with TinyTap’s app creators, marketing their lessons to the masses via the App Store and Google Play. She brings 5+ years of experience in managing online marketing campaigns, including SEO, analytics, and email marketing. Adi holds an M.A. in Communication and New Media from the IDC Hertzliya and a B.A. in Instructional Design from the Holon Institute of Technology.




Yuval Hetz, QA Lead

Yuval is the head of TinyTap’s Quality Assurance team. He earned his B.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in International Relations and Jewish Thought. Prior to joining TinyTap, Yuval worked on the QA team at MyHeritage and served as an officer in an elite technology unit in the Israeli Army.




Alon Shacham, iOS Developer

Alon is a professional musician and a mobile developer-turned-entrepreneur. When he’s not working on TinyTap, Alon combines his two biggest passions of music and technology by building his own startup, Compoze. For the past 10 years, Alon has lead mobile development for start-ups and companies such as BioCatch, Magisto, DVTel, Morfix, and MoonSunIO. He is an active composer and arranger and is the band leader of an 18-piece band. Alon holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.



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