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How to play TinyTap on your iPad with sound

Check both mute switches: there is a physical one on the side of your device and one in the control center (see images below)

TinyTap is hiring a User Acquisition Manager!

TinyTap is looking for a User Acquisition Manager with at least 2 years experience in consumer-facing products and proven success across a variety of paid user acquisition channels.                                                           TinyTap, an award winning DIY platform for creating interactive lessons and educational games, is looking for talented User Acquisition Manager. This is your chance to help … Read More

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Introducing Houdini Images

Reveal your lesson’s full potential with TinyTap’s Houdini Images Teach complex topics and master new concepts with responsive images. TinyTap’s newest tool offers creators a way to add images and gifs that appear, disappear, move, or sound upon tap.   Many topics and concepts are hard for learners to understand through static images. Creators can now add interactivity that enables learners to delve deeper by discovering layers, flipping through flashcards for more information, and watching a process unravel on their … Read More

5 Tips for Promoting Your TinyTap Games

You’ve done the hard part: you’ve turned your lesson into an interactive TinyTap game. You put time and thought into how to best present the material and now it’s time to tell the world! Here are 5 easy ways to promote your content and get it the attention it deserves!    1. Create a compelling cover for your activity  Game covers are the first thing people look at in the TinyTap marketplace. Make sure the cover is clear and appealing. … Read More

TinyTap Seeks Sr. Android Developer

Tel Aviv TinyTap, an award winning DIY platform for creating interactive lessons and educational games, is looking for talented Sr. Android Developer to join us in revolutionizing education and game creation. Our team works on leading digital media products on multiple platforms. We have a strong focus on UX, We love to work with smart responsible people who have a strong sense of ownership and strong engineering mindset. Minimum Qualifications: 3+ years of client software development experience using Java and Android … Read More