Create Personalized Video Activities on TinyTap

Introducing an Easy Way to Add Your Own Videos to TinyTap   Adding videos to your activities is an excellent way to explain difficult concepts, and engage students.   You can now add your own videos directly from your device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or record a video on TinyTap with the camera on your iPad.   To add a visual explanation, catchy introduction, or fun song, you can browse the enormous trove of content on YouTube and add videos to … Read More

TinyTap Pro Games: Sell and Share the Activities You Create

Get learning data for you child's progress

TinyTap Pro games are activities created by experienced teachers that are sold on the TinyTap market.   50% of revenue from TinyTap Pro subscriptions is shared with teachers who create on TinyTap. And, when you sell your activity on TinyTap, you receive a portion of revenues from TinyTap Pro sales. In February 2017, our team completed a comprehensive review of games on TinyTap and updated high quality games by teachers to TinyTap Pro. This provides more teachers with the ability … Read More

Introducing TinyTap Courses


Combine lessons to teach comprehensively and promote mastery of knowledge                                     Create comprehensive learning units for students by leveraging TinyTap lessons and games. With TinyTap Courses, teachers can design lesson plans to ensure student comprehension and mastery of knowledge.   Ensure Subject Mastery with Score Thresholds Student understanding can be fully measured because they are only able to proceed to the next game … Read More

How to Create Captivating Images for Your TinyTap Activities

Creating images

By Moses Sia   One concern when introducing screens in learning is that young learners will lose touch with real things and only deal with the virtual and digital. The two are not mutually exclusive. Instead, when paired well, digital tools enrich the learning experience.   Using TinyTap, instead of using digital illustrations, I have used sketches, collages and real objects.     I have attempted to create a sample of what it might look like in An ABC Meal, a … Read More

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