TinyTap Wins $1M in Verizon Prize for Education

Verizon Powerful Answers Award

This blog post is dedicated to the TinyTap community for their unconditional support and teaching us more than we could ever hope to learn, and to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, for believing that great ideas can change the world and that we could become one of them.     The only thing better than coming up with an innovative idea, is being given the opportunity to make it a reality.   On January 8th, 2014, TinyTap was announced the first … Read More

TinyTap Makes App Creation Beautiful and Fun with its Theme-Based Creation Packs!

Counting Monsters

TinyTap is an iPad/iPhone app which puts a powerful creation tool in the hands of kids, parents and teachers and enables them to create their own apps.     What makes TinyTap so unique is its ability to actively involve kids in the learning process. This is what TinyTap’s creation packs are all about.These game-themed creation packs make it easier than ever to get your kids involved and excited about learning.   Kids can choose from a range of quality … Read More

TinyTap will keep your kids out of mischief this summer holiday

TinyTap, the game creator which lets anyone create educational kids games, is here to keep kids out of mischief this summer.   Finding activities to keep your kids stimulated and engaged over the summer can be a real challenge. This summer holiday TinyTap is offering a series of fun activities that will not only develop your little one’s creativity but will keep them out of mischief. TinyTap lets your kids become the game creators. Think of it like a kind … Read More

Game creator TinyTap releases app to develop visual perception and invites you to do the same

Create your own educational game to improve your child’s observational abilities   Oftentimes, parents find it difficult to better their children’s visual perception, as they feel they lack the knowledge of a trained teacher. With their newly released app What Doesn’t Belong?, game creator TinyTap has set out to make developing a child’s visual perception easy and spur its creative potential.   What Doesn’t Belong? was created using the TinyTap game creation platform and is a prime example of how … Read More